Dwight Morrow High School Class of 1959
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Dwight Morrow High School Class of 1959 - Things About DMHS History
Here are a number of quiz questions to test your memory

1. Who was allowed to use the senior staircase
A - Only old teachers
B - Only Nick Del Prete
C - Only students in the senior class
D - Only the student council and senior class officers
E - Only senior students, staff and faculty
F - Only senior soccer, track, basketball, tennis and football players

2. Who were the team members of gold medal in distance medaly relay at state champs1959
A - Charle Washington, Barry Wright, Maurice Hobson
B - Robert Lowe, Maurice Hobson, Charlie Washington
C - Jute Williams, Charlie Washington, Robert Lowe
D - Jute Williams, Robert Lowe, Maurice Hobson
E - Robert Lowe, Barry Wright, Charlie Washington
F - Jute Williams, Barry Wright, Maurice Washington

3. Who was half-mile state champion for DMHS 1959
A - Maurice Hobson
B - Barry Wright
C - Charlie Washington
D - Robert Lowe
E - Jute Williams
F - Vinnie Rivielo

4. Who was county miler champion DMHS 1959
A - Charlie Washington
B - Barry Wright
C - Robert Lowe
D - Jute Williams
E - Bill Snell
F - Clifford Archild

5. After winning his 1st mile run for DMHS at Fairlawn what gift di Barry Wright leave his FLHS girlfriend and her AFS classmate?
A - German Measles
B - gold medal
C - DMHS letter
D - spikes
E - cinders from track
F - picture

6. What NFL  team coach once coached DMHS Thanksgiving Day Rival ootball team
A - Vince Lombardi
B - Coach Baldwin
C - Charlie Weiss
D - Jim Zorn
E - Mike Tomlin
F - Mike McCarthy

7. What Senior Prank greeted students arriving at DMHS is Spring 1959
A - Giant For Sale Sign on front lawn at knickerbocker Rd
B - Board of Health Condemnation notice on front door
C - Power outage because electric bill was unpaid
D - Foreclosure notice of Auction sale
E - Renaming DMHS as State Reformatory
F - Tee Piing of Buildings with toilet paper, Tampax and panty liners

8. How many sets of twins were in DMHS class of 1959
A - 3
B - 1
C - 9
D - 16
E - 5

9. What celebrities from Hollywood went to DMHS class of or near 1959
A - John, Ellen, Richard
B - Ralph, Victor, Fred
C - Kenneth, Albert, Nadine
D - Carol, Lewis, Marshal
E - Larry, Robert, Barbara
F - Elaine, nancy, Susan

10. What word knocked Florence Perren out of the spelling bee?
A - Parliament (she spelled it with a small 'p')
B - Supersede
C - Laughable

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