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Dwight Morrow High School Class of 1959 - Guestbook

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nan153131 nan153131 - 12-03-2017

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cutler loveland brown - 08-23-2009
I have been living in New Hampshire since 1970. Started out working for NHDOT, then a Planning Copmmission, and then to the private sector, a civil engineering firm I did all the traffic studies. I got married in Scotland, and Morag has been my wife for 45 years this coming December...... Am excited about attending the reunion; even talked to my prom date, Rose Mueller.......
Millie Mendez Schettini - 08-02-2009
To the Class of 1959. Happy retirement and good health to you and yours. where the last 50 yers went I could not even begin to imagine. Memories are special and i have many. take care. Millie Mendez schettiniT
barry wright - 10-08-2008
Barry Wright. Life has been a rewarding challenge. I discovered late in my senior year when my father told me he would not to pay for my college boards, since he believed I was not college material, that my future was from that moment on going to be different from most of my classmates and that every dream, every door would be closed to me from that moment on in my life. What I did not know at the time was that this was indeed my father’s social experimentation intent for me within our family, a fact that was disclosed to me by my cousin Phyllis on my father’s side, only this spring 2008 face to face after 50 years of not seeing each other. I did not go to college after DMHS. After several local part time jobs at gas stations, car dealerships crashing customers cars, attempting night school at FDU, I went to work full time ending up in Wall Street at Eastman Dillon Union Securities. In 1960 I spent a spring semester at Ricker College in Houlton, Maine, courtesy of a neighbor, Butler Beaumont’s YALE roommate who was the president at Ricker, and who was gracious enough to admit me to full matriculated standing over the phone. I took the college boards and biology achievement tests. In 1961 I took a leave of absence from EDUS to attend Harvard Summer School to study genetics and zoology under Dr. Lefevre who had studied under Watson & Crick. I remember living on Divinity Street, walking in the Old Yard near Widener Library and thinking….”WOW, every girl here is eligible!!!” The Krebs Citric Acid Energy Cycle drove me wild!!!! I secured a full time job at Lamont Library which let me stay in Cambridge until the spring of 1962. I crewed for the Cambridge rowing club. While in Cambridge, I attended The Manter Hall School at night to study math, algebra, calculus which was sorely remiss in my academic transcripts. I was told by my instructor who was working on his PhD at MIT, to take Schuamms Outline Series, “Start on page#1, do every problem cover to cover. When I have difficulties, come to see him. Figure it out the solution on my own”. Math became a joy. I returned to Wall Street at EDUS until my admissions as a full time student to Morris Harvey College, Charleston WVA was approved. The president of Tenafly Trust Company approved my educational NDSLF application and I went to MHC on loans and academic scholarships. While at EDUS I was afforded the mentor tormentor relationship of the head of the math department at Brooklyn Polytechnic who informed me I was definitely college material. I attended MHC for three years transferring to Ohio State University in 1962 as a senior undergraduate student and 1st year graduate school level medical student. I was going to college full time, working full time in the Venetian Lounge beer hall and paste pizza shop on High Street, living in a funeral home for part time work, room and board, with two other renegade students who were as poor as was I. In 1965 In the spring Quarter of 1966 I agreed with the OSU medical School Anatomy Dean that I would switch my major to CIS Engineering and never return to medical school for the privilege of earning a grade of “C” in my Anatomy of the Eye and Orbit class, which was by graduate school standards unacceptable for serious consideration for success in this field. I would need to put in 100 hours a week between lectures and labs to improve the grade which was impossible. The deal was cast. I would register for classes in engineering in the fall quarter when registration was open. I was an out of state student from NJ living in Columbus Ohio, working at OSU waiting to start fall quarter. In July 1966 I received a letter from the US ARMY stating that “I was now a member of the proudest fighting force in the world!!!!” I was the second time a member of my family to read such a draft notice, having seen this same document in Tenafly in my home the previous summer.  I had qualified for Navy OCS by examination the previous year at MHC but had not signed the contract, so this was no longer an option. I went to all the military branches and ended up enlisting in the Marine Corps. I knew where I was headed and wanted to be with the strongest enlisted branch of the service possible. On July 25, 1966 I was standing tall at Parris Island Recruit Depot, USMC, Platoon 3061. I went to boot camp, basic and was stationed as an MOS 0351 (Crew Served Weapons) at the 2nd Marine Division Camp Lejeune, NC. I went to Vietnam, was made an “03 Grunt”. I was wounded 5 times in 8.5 months combat (one PH with cluster). I am lucky to be alive, a fact for which I cannot take credit. My then Battalion XO Major Karl Mundy recently retired as USMC Commandant General Mundy. I returned to HWMC and the Pentagon until my discharge in 1968. I was hired immediately by AT&T Bell Telephone Laboratories Western Electric as a systems programmer in Columbus Ohio. I finished my undergraduate degree in CIS at OSU graduating in 1981. I became a UNIX guru under Ken Thompson (UNIX), Brian Kernighan (Utilities), Dennis Richie (C-Language) in 1978 through 1984 when I left AT&T for IBM. In Kingston NY and Boeblingen Germany to develop mainframe UNIX. I married my wife Patricia in Wheaton, Illinois on December 24th, 1984. A year later UNIX was cancelled as a product in IBM and I returned to AT&T Piscataway NJ where I owned the UNIX performance measurements for AT&T. I attended Steven’s Institute and NJIT full time on an AT&T MS CIS internal program where I completed 50% of my Masters degree. My wife Patricia transferred from Naperville Illinois AT&T to AT&T in Basking Ridge NJ reporting to the AT&T Environmental engineer David Chittick. I returned to IBM in Wall Street in 1987 as an SE and writing Trading System software for IBM UNIX server financial application platforms. Lou Gerstner (CEO American Express) was a customer to whom I made a presentation and received extraordinary praise. Mike Milken (Junk Bond Fame) was a customer I presented to. I wrote trading system software that ran any country’s currency allowing the IBM engineering workstations to be globally deployed. IBM never made the software a product. On September 30th 1989 my son Zachary Thomas Wright was born. My wife and I rejoiced. This was a birthday party that would never end. My wife Patricia was working full time, a mother full time, attending college full time taking final exams nursing our son. In 1990 my wife transferred with AT&T to Columbus where we had a residence we never sold when we came east. I left IBM in December for a very short attempt as CIO of a venture capital firm in Jersey City that lasted until February 1991 when I returned to Columbus, Ohio with my family. Finally, we were all at home under one roof as a family, where we remained until my wife’s untimely death in a car accident in 1992. I turned my life around for my son and this has made all the difference. I would have a hundred more children if I could find a woman with the nerve, well, at least one more anyway. I have been fortunate to have dreams, high self esteem, the company, support, closeness and love of a wife. I have created life and it is goodness. Some men rise by sin, others by venture forth. Some men do a great right while others do a little wrong. Oh what men de, what men daily do, what men dare to do, not really knowing what they do. Teach me half the things my mind must know about you, life, harmonious madness from my lips would flow. The world should stop now and listen, as I am listening to you. You broke into my mind like a criminal, but you are no ordinary thief. You play songs I have never heard before but I dance anyway. Jack Me! Jam Me! Push Me! Pull Me! Talk Hard!!! You definitely have my attention. I told my wife about places I had been, places she had never seen, places she dreamed to go. As I bring my boat for us to sail away she steps aboard, knowing she has nothing to fear. As we depart into the night she looks up into my eyes and says “Oh my darling at last, I have finally found you. You have always been in my Dreams”.
Elizabeth Roberto Cordova - 08-17-2008
I too hope to make the reunion in 2009.  It was approximately four years ago, when I took a trip up north to see my family, who still lives in the Englewood area.  I could not believe how the main street changed, but it certainly brought back fond memories.  Robin, I commend you on the great job you are doing to bring  us all back together.  Hoping to see you all next year.
Miriam Fernandez Ricci - 07-25-2008
Hi All,  Love this website.  Robin, you've done a beautiful job.  I, too, hope to be in Englewood for our 50th.  Does it seem possible that it's been that long?  Somehow, 1959 doesn't seen so far back in my memory.  I can remember so many 'fun' times there at DMHS and in town.  Does anyone remember the International Play, our Thanksgiving Day football games against St. Cecilia's, the inevitable school trips to NYC (Chinatown, the UN, Horn & Hardart's, etc. ), Baumgart's, The Plaza Theater on Friday nights, Woolworth's, the Christmas tree lighting, oh my, I can go on and on.  Such innocent times!
Zandra Moses Strother - 07-17-2008
Its going to be great seeing every one.
I've been living within walking distance of DMHS for a good part of my adult life.  Both of my sons attended DMHS. My oldest son graduated from there and my younger son graduated from HS in Pennsylvania. For now, Englewood still feels like home. I'll be happy to welcome you all back home.

Jim Bloomfield - 07-11-2008
Robin you did a great job on the web site. Was great talking to  you yesterday, it brought back some good memories. I plan on attending the reunion and I'm sure alot more good memories will surface.  I have often wondered where and what paths our fellow classmates have taken.
Ken Wright - 04-08-2008
Great web site. Thanks to all who worked hard to put it together.
I am very excited about the first class-of-59 reunion for many of us.
I have many happy memories of DMHS, from playing football my freshman, sophomore (state champs) and junior years, to the dances, to the whole scene. Coach Baldwin threw me off the team in the spring of my junior year for driving. I remember in my senior year cheering the team on at away games with a portable police car siren and a 12 volt battery that I would run whenever our team made a score or a great play, especially at Hackensack and Teaneck!
Life has been very good to me. I look forward to sharing the good stories of the rest of you at our reunion.
Ken Wright
Aimee Hayes Bakken - 04-05-2008
Hi all.  I am really looking forward to our class reunion. Looking through our class list, I can visualize a number of people when I see their names - but who knows how many I will recognize in person after all these years.  My experience tells me, the memories will start coming back really fast when we sit down to talk. I seem to remember voices 0 see below. I have been working with the organizing committee.  We have had a telephone conference once a month.  And the first time I called in, I could recognize at least half of the other people on the line, by their voice.  So that seems to be something that does not change significantly.  I have already been reunited with some of you by email, and we have exchanged current photos.  Much fun.  Looking forward to hearing from you via this guestbook or by email - and hope that all of you will be able to make it to the reunion.
Theresa Koeppel - 03-03-2008
Praying I can make the reunion.  
Robin Michael - 03-01-2008
I hope that all visitors to this site will sign the guestbook and express their feelings about our class and upcoming reunion. I personally look forward to meeting and getting to know my classmates. This is a golden opportunity to revisit people from a totally different, adult perspective, one that I know has already brought me great appreciation for classmates that I never knew well enough.

We have a great class. We grew up in a great time. While not all of our experiences were memorable, and some were not so pleasant, looking back at them can be transformative, enlightening and fun, to say the least. Let's make this reunion big! See you all there.


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